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TA Research Exchange

The purpose of the Research Exchange is to raise professional standards through supporting research. To achieve this, the Exchange has been designed so that:

  • researchers can provide details of research projects and call for participation or support
  • potential participants can review projects and volunteer for involvement or to provide other forms of support
  • researchers can access details of prior and ongoing research studies that may be relevant to their own interests

Please note, a ‘researcher’ refers to anyone who is investigating questions, conducting surveys, exploring hypotheses, etc that are related to transactional analysis. They do not have to hold formal status as researchers or scientists.

Researchers are invited to post details of their research activities and requests for participation. There is no charge to researchers, who are however expected to return to the website and provide summary details of research outcomes together with details of where their research paper can be accessed.

In time, we will set up a process whereby those interested in research, and especially those willing to act as participants, respond to surveys, etc. can sign up to receive emails whenever a new research exchange item is added to the site.

Click here to submit a research exchange request proposal

Click here to view a list of the currently active exchange requests